KOKORO is a creative production collective based in Brussels. We are very proud to connect our talented friends together on video projects we care about.

We believe in alternative representations and narrative forms. We draw on values that are strong and essential to the development of healthy collaborations : Queerness, Care, Respect, Sincerity and Quality. KOKORO means « with Heart and Soul » and that’s how we do with our clients and viewers.

Betty Lamoulie
Scorpio – Producer and more

Pauline Hawryuck
Libra – Communication Manager and more

Clémentine Vaultier
Taurus – Catering and more

Roxanne Gaucherand
Gemini – Director and more

We cherish our past collaborators, especially ex-founder Marine Dricot who helped shaping our desire.


Raimon GaffierÉléonore HerbinauxLa SuperetteLéo ParmentierJulian GomezLéo MalekEtienne MartorellLisa Lapierre – Camille Nicolle GoffartJeanne CousseauMatilde GonyAurore VegasLa SavonnerieQuartett ProductionChevaldeuxtroisLa Clairière